Rhodium 14k Gold Plated Sterling Silver Rectangle Ash Holder Key Chain

$421.00 $199.98

Remember and honor your cherish loved one forever with a keepsake vessel that can be filled with dried flowers, a lock of hair, cremated remains or any small reminder of the one you have lost. Designed from rhodium and 14k yellow gold plated sterling silver, this rectangular ash holder measures approximately 15mm (9/16 inch) in width by 32mm (1 1/4 inch) in length and features a checkerboard design on the front, a polished back with a screw opening and a 35mm (1 3/8 inch) key ring. For added security, we recommend sealing the vessel with a permanent adhesive after filling it with your precious memento. To do so, simply apply a drop of glue to the threaded screw before you reinsert it into the opening, then twist to close tightly. Included with each purchase is a small funnel for filling and a comforting scripture card with the following verses printed in English and Spanish, Isaiah 25:7-8, Psalm 23:4, Luke 2:29. ... Read more


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